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Welcome to Diablo FC!


    Diablo FC U5 & U7 Spring Academy

    04/22/2014, 4:15pm PDT
    By Brian Voltattorni

    Diablo FC is offering a Grassroots Soccer Academy for children interested in learning the “World’s Most Popular Sport” in a fun and positive learning environment.  Children will learn some of the fundamentals of the game of soccer while also developing their physical and social skills with other children.  The Grassroots Academy training curriculum will focus on psycho-motor and coordination training with the soccer ball.


    U5 Age Group

    Girls & Boys Born 8/1/09 - 7/31/11


    U7 Age Group

    Girls & Boys Born 8/1/08 - 7/31/09


    Spring Session Details:

    Days & Time: Tuesdays from 5PM-6PM

    Location: Newhall Park

    Dates: April 29th - June 3rd

    Cost: $95 (7 weeks)

    *Fees include registration, training, and DFC Academy Shirt


    Summer Session Details:

    Days & Time: Tuesdays from 5PM-6PM

    Location: Newhall Park

    Dates: July 8th - August 26th

    Cost: $105 (8 weeks)

    *Fees include registration, training, and DFC Academy Shirt


    Fall Session Details:

    Days & Time: Tuesdays from 5PM-6PM

    Location: Newhall Park

    Dates: September 2nd - October 21st

    Cost: $105 (8 weeks)

    *Fees include registration, training, and DFC Academy Shirt


    What to Bring: Cleats, Shin Guards, Athletic Attire, & Water



    Please contact Brian Voltattorni (U5 & U7 Academy Director) at #925-212-8460 or bvoltattorni@diablofc.org


    04/07/2014, 10:45pm PDT
    By Tony Fuentes

    • Referee Class: 
      Classes this year will be held on Friday, June 20 from 7p-10p; Saturday, June 21 from 8a-11a & 1p-4p; Sunday, June 22 from 9a-12p & 1p-4p; Tuesday, June 24 from 7p-10p.  The class will be held at the Dana Hills Cabana in Clayton, CA.  USSF is working with Diablo FC to roll out this exciting and new training format.  This training will include an online course, class and field training.  The training will conclude with a test on Tuesday evening.  Those that pass the test will receive their USSF Grade 8 badge, upon receipt of a $40 registration fee.  Additional, details will be forthcoming soon.
    • Game Notes: 
      It is important for all Referees to communicate match issues with the Administrators as soon as possible.  Here are some things to think about:  The Center Referee should report any incidences involving unruly spectators, Coaches, fields, lights, or a match involving more than 5 yellow cards.  For red cards, you must complete a USSF 24 hour report detailing the dismissal.  This report may be found on the Links section of the Referee page of the Diablo FC web page.  This should be also communicated to all of the DFC administrators within 2-4 hours after the game via e-mail, text, or phone call.  Full Administrator contact details are available on the Referee page.
    • Referee Payments: 
      Checks were mailed out this week.
    • Emergency Contacts:  The Administrators are available when there are emergency’s that need to be handled. Such as, same day changes to games, fields, and times; Referee getting sick or running late prior to a game.  Team Manager’s may contact Val Huerta at 925-234-3340; Duane Lamoureux at 925-209-9029; or Tony Fuentes at 925-451-1164; to help you fill in a game missing a Referee.

    Please continue to visit the Referee page often for more Diablo FC referee news.

    Still time to tryout for competitive Diablo FC teams

    Formal tryouts for 2014 Diablo FC teams have been held. If you are still interested in trying out for a Diablo FC team, please complete our online tryout form today (link below) or email diablofc@comcast.net. You will be contacted by the appropriate age group coach and invited to a player evaluation session. There is no charge to try out.

    Jenna Caprice Betti (Nov. 19, 1999 - Mar. 2, 2014)

    Upcoming Events

    • May
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    Diablo FC Referee Training Session
    • May
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    Concord Cup
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    Concord Cup

    *ATTENTION- Parents*

    Please follow all directions as posted at fields.
    Tesoro Fields- NO Parking next to Tesoro Fence