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Diablo Valley Wolves 2020/2021 Tryout Registration-

Diablo Valley Wolves will begin its chapter as the premier club destination in the East Bay this year! Years in the making, Diablo FC and Heritage Wolves have been meeting and planning for a merger that builds upon their long history of success to better serve the local soccer community. 


The level of competition offered by Diablo Valley Wolves will be fierce.  As an NPL club on both the girls and boys sides, the club is guaranteed NPL teams at the U14-U19 level and Pre-NPL club spots at the U12-U13 levels.  We expect the club’s first teams to be able to instantly compete on a national level at the Pre-NPL, NPL and college showcase level. We also expect that our 2nd teams in each age group will be at the same level of competition as many clubs’ 1st teams, competing for NPL league spots and playing in top-level showcase tournaments. Finally, we expect our 3rd teams to play against high levels of competition.  Our coaching staff and player development will be unmatched in the surrounding area. 


Our U8-U11 program will emphasize player development above all else.  Emphasis will be on ball mastery at the younger ages.  A player’s comfort and confidence with the ball is essential for when they move on to the U12 and older levels where tactical development then becomes more of a focus. The long-term success of our players is of the utmost importance. A winning record is sometimes sacrificed at the youngest levels in order to ensure players’ long-term success and development.  During the development stage, Diablo Valley Wolves coaching staff will encourage players to be creative and try things in games with the knowledge that there will be perceived failures along the way so that the players can progress and develop soccer situational awareness and game knowledge.  Our U8-U11 players will train together often regardless of what team and level they primarily play for, allowing them to be pushed and grow in the sport. Players will learn how to play all positions at the younger ages with an emphasis on a love of the game and developmental success.


Players at all age levels will have the opportunity to succeed and reach their maximum potential. Players will be promoted and otherwise transitioned between varying teams and levels of play based on their performance, commitment, and other factors. We will create a competitive atmosphere where everyone is proud of their club as a whole, not just their team, and works together to the benefit of the club, their teams, and their individual development.

Focused college placement opportunities will be provided to those players who desire to play collegiate soccer.  Diablo Valley Wolves places enormous importance on college placement and guiding players through the recruiting process in order to help them find the best college fit for their needs and desires. Diablo FC and Heritage Wolves both have a long history of placing players in college programs, evidenced by the over 75 players that have been sent on to play college soccer over the past 5 Years. Diablo Valley Wolves will build upon this success to provide even more players the opportunity to play collegiate soccer.  As part of this effort, Diablo Valley Wolves has also partnered with a college mentoring program for both players and parents with PrepWell Academy. PrepWell Academy is an online mentoring program that will help our players and families navigate the college admissions process, with a focus on early engagement. It will be free, exclusively to Diablo Valley Wolves players.


Diablo Valley Wolves has also been selected to be a Player’s First Club, only 1 of 15 such clubs in Northern California.  Players First is a branded, holistic club soccer experience for parents and players, which emphasizes the development of each individual to his or her full potential, and helps parents make better choices about where their children should play.


Diablo Valley Wolves will be training and playing games in Concord, Clayton, Pleasant Hill, Martinez and Pittsburg, as we look to have the most competitive and most well-rounded soccer club in the Bay Area. Our training and playing fields offer more turf than many surrounding programs. 

Official tryout dates, times and locations will be posted very soon. By registering for tryouts now we will be able to continue to send you important information as the tryouts get closer.  To register, please click on the link below.

We look forward to seeing you at our tryouts in May!

If you have any questions, feel free to email: 

Zach Sullivan
Director of Coaching
Diablo Valley Wolves                                     


Jon Scoles
Executive Di
Diablo Valley Wolves

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