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Diablo FC Girls U14-U19 NPL Teams Academy Program

Our Diablo FC GU14-GU19 Premier Teams all compete within the NorCal Premier - National Premier League, the highest level of NorCal League Play. 

Our DFC Girls Premier Teams Academy Program is dedicated to prepare players that have the desire, commitment, and ability to compete at the highest level of youth soccer and eventually continue on to play in college.  


Program Overview

Curriculum & Style of Play

The attacking portion of our curriculum is founded on a "possession with a purpose" style of play.  Not simply possession for possession's sake; but to establish & sustain team possession, to unbalance our opposition, to put our players in positive attacking situations allowing us to be individually & collectively creative.  We train all phases of play, teaching our players to be technically, tactically, & functionally efficient; allowing them to read - to play with awareness, personality, creativity, & a high soccer IQ. 

Training Environment

Our Premier Teams typically practice 3 days a week, including an additional session dedicated to Strength, Speed & Agility, and injury prevention. Within our Academy Program, multiple age group teams may train together, allowing us to reinforce a consistent curriculum. This also provides additional challenges & leadership experiences for our players, along with the opportunity to learn in a match setting.

These rosters are comprised with players that have the commitment, desire, and ability to learn & compete at the highest level – while enjoying the process as much as the result. This collective mindset allows us to maintain a positive, educational, and incredibly competitive training environment.  We also challenge our players with higher level playing experiences within our club by training & playing with older age groups, along with providing them opportunities to train with the PDP, ODP, & ID2 programs.

Playing Experience

In addition to competing at the highest level of NorCal Premier play, within the National Premier League; our Premier Teams compete at some of the most competitive events in the country.  This provides the highest level of youth soccer playing experiences,while aiding in their preparation for being successful at the collegiate level.

College Soccer Preparation, Guidance, and Exposure 

Players continue on with and join our DFC Girl's Premier Teams Program because they have the desire & ability to compete at the collegiate level. It is not by accident or chance that our players continue to move on to successfully compete at the collegiate level. Consistent with both Diablo FC Player Development and the NPL program, we are thorough in guiding our players & families through the recruiting process - to find the right fit.

In addition to our DFC Girls Hosted College ID Camp, our DFC Girls NPL Teams compete in some of the top competitive & college showcase events in the country, providing the necessary level of play and exposure for our players. 

Coaching Staff

Zach Sullivan

Director of Coaching