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Diablo FC is affiliated with US Club Soccer and California Youth Soccer Association North (a state association in Region IV of the United States Youth Soccer Association). Each organization is a member of United States Soccer Federation.

Club Philosophy

Diablo FC is dedicated to player development above anything else. It is our goal to develop players, both technically and tactically, to build a foundation that will enable them to play at the next level; whether it is from recreational to Bronze or Silver to Gold and Premier for our elite players to move on to college and professional soccer. Through our program, children are allowed to participate at a level where they can develop and succeed, both as individuals and as soccer players in a team environment. Our professional training staff is committed to this development. Team success is not the primary goal of our teams in the younger age groups. Team success will be a byproduct of the work and attention to technical and tactical development. We have a commitment to our players to put them in an environment that will challenge them mentally and physically within the demands of the player, team and clu

Premier/Gold/Silver Program

The Diablo FC Premier, Gold and Silver program offers playing opportunities for girls and boys from U9 to U19 age levels. The club generally has Premier and Gold teams for each age group. It is the goal of the Diablo FC training staff to develop our Division 1 players to prepare them to play at advanced levels including collegiate and professional levels. Our commitment to player development at the younger age groups will allow our players and teams the best opportunity to have success at the older ages. Our approach has shown that if these developmental objectives are achieved, then success inevitably follows.

Bronze Program

The Bronze Program offers players the opportunity to continue playing soccer at a competitive level. Our training staff is committed to developing Bronze players to the best of their potential. The Bronze program is intended for those who want to play the game at a higher level than recreational soccer, but not as competitive as that of the Premier, Gold and Silver program.

Soccer Academy

Diablo FC U8 Academy is a developmental soccer program offered for girls and boys ages 6 to 8. We held our first Soccer Academy over 12 years ago and have developed a program for children with an interest in soccer and of all skill and experience levels.

Club Development

Diablo FC has approximately 40 competitive teams ranging from U9 boys and girls to U23 men and women. Players and teams develop at different rates depending on their age, gender and skill level. Teams in U9 and U10 train differently versus teams with high school aged players, so there needs to be a progression of technical, tactical and mental development established. The three phases of youth soccer at Diablo FC are Technical, Tactical and Competitive. Our coaches and trainers are expected to develop individual technical abilities and group tactical capabilities relative to the phase of each team.

Technical Phase (U9 to U11)

This introductory phase to competitive soccer is the foundation for player and team development. Players need to develop basic technical skills at these age levels to help prepare them for the implementation of tactical ideas at the older age levels. Many good and bad habits are established at this age level. Therefore, our trainers focus their attention on the technical development of the player. Basic tactical ideas are introduced here, but our priority stays focused on repetition with the ball! Trainings need to be fun and exciting. All teams in these age groups play small-side games of 8v8.

Tactical Phase (U12 to U14)

The focus for players in the U12 to U14 age levels includes technical development with pressure, small group tactics and functional training with the backs, midfielders and forwards. Trainers still need to review and maintain the base already established from the younger age levels with regards to technique and tactics. Trainings should still be fun and exciting, but there should be a greater demand to quality and success. Games are 11v11.

Competitive Phase (U15 to U19)

The focus at the upper age levels is speed of play and team tactical development. All previous developments in technical and tactical exercises are maintained in training but they are now applied to the team and the game of 11 v 11.