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Diablo FC holds formal player tryouts:

  • Every May/June for players in the Under 8 through Under 19 age groups (for the following season) for players looking to join our competitive teams.
  • If you are interested in joining are coming from a 'non US Club Soccer' registration program (ayso), please feel free to contact us at any point.

Tryout dates and locations will be publicized on our website as well as in local newspapers and through local schools.

Throughout the year Diablo FC coaches will evaluate players interested in joining the club. Some Diablo FC teams may have vacancies on their roster to accommodate new players during times of the year other than the traditional tryout periods mentioned above.

Prospective players can fill out the Diablo FC Tryout Form at any time and it will be sent to the appropriate age group coach, who will contact you.

If you have any questions about Diablo FC tryouts please email us.

Players Code of Conduct

  • Play the game for the game's sake.
  • Be generous when you win and gracious when you lose.
  • Always be fair, no matter the cost.
  • Obey the Laws of the Game.
  • Work for the good of your team. 
  • Accept the decisions of officials with grace.  
  • Believe in the honesty of your opponents.  
  • Conduct yourself with honor and dignity.  
  • Honestly and wholeheartedly applaud the efforts of your teammates and your opponents.

Parents Code of Conduct

  • Children have more need for example than criticism.
  • Make athletic participation a positive experience for your child and others.
  • Attempt to relieve competition stress, not increase it. A child is easily affected by outside influences.
  • The opponents are necessary friends; without them, your child could not participate.
  • Applaud good plays by your team and by members of the opposing team.

Please keep in mind that parental attitudes at games toward your child, the opposing team, the officials and the coaches influence your child's values and behavior in sports. Sometimes overly anxious parents, bent on immediate success rather than long-range benefits, criticize officials and opponents and show disrespect. This inappropriate behavior devalues the sport and creates unnecessary stress for the player. It is not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

Club Alumni

Players training and playing in Diablo FC can look for inspiration from club members before them who have gone on to play college and professional soccer. In fact, over 150 alumni have played soccer at more than 65 universities and colleges in 18 states as well as professionally in the United States and Europe. We also have several players who have become college football placekickers and other club alumni who had college and professional careers in other sports. Read more about Diablo FC alumni. 

College Preparation

Hopefully it is the goal of every Diablo FC player to continue her or his education in college. Whether or not they intend on playing college soccer, participation in youth soccer is an extra curricular activity to include on their college application, especially for those who demonstrate the commitment necessary to play in a competitive club soccer program like Diablo FC.

High school age players should talk to their Diablo FC coach about their college goals and aspirations so the student athlete has realistic expectations when they apply to colleges. Every Diablo FC staff member coaching high school age players has their own soccer background to draw on as well their experience with players in the club who have gone on to play soccer at advanced levels. Our staff includes many former college, professional and even international players as well as current and former college coaches, all of whom are available to each player and family for assistance in this important process. It is equally important that players balance their schedule in order to devote adequate time to achieve scholastic success so critical for college admission.

Each year the club offers a free College Night when we bring in college coaches from Division I, Division III and NAIA schools for both men and women to give club parents and players current information on what colleges are looking for in prospective student athletes. We also have former club players now in college there to discuss balancing soccer, academics and college life.

Download our College Preparation Guide and read more about the college preparation and recruitment process in our special section on the website.