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DFC & Heritage Merger

 Dear Diablo FC & Heritage SC families,


As the year comes to an end and a new decade begins, we are encouraged and excited for what is next to come.  For the past year, board members as well as Technical Staff from Diablo FC and Heritage SC have been meeting to discuss the possibility of a merger between the two clubs.  We have diligently and carefully weighed the pros and cons of a merger, and we have come to the consensus that merging the two clubs is in the best interest of the players in the communities that we serve.  At this time we would like to formally announce the creation of “Diablo Valley Wolves”.  This merger will bring together two of the most successful clubs in the area and will provide opportunities for our club moving forward, that would not be possible otherwise. 

We believe that the new club will be very successful for many years to come, under the guidance and leadership of our Directors, Jon Scoles (USSF A-Youth License) and Zach Sullivan (NSCAA Premier Diploma)  Both clubs have an outstanding track record of player development, and by merging our current coaching staff, we expect to see players reach even greater heights.  We have met with the current coaching staff of each club and they are all excited about the merger and agree that it is great for the community.


This merger will bring along with it, the following club benefits.


  • Increased access to turf and grass fields, as well as indoor training space through combined facility use.
  • Increased number of players allowing for more competition within age groups, which will drive players toward excellence and will also ensure that there is a team at the right level for each player within the club. 
  • With a combined coaching staff, the level of the coaches on our second teams will increase and we will be able to have multiple directors who will oversee your child’s development. Continually evaluating players to ensure they are given opportunities to both be successful and that they are pushed to achieve their maximal potential.
  • The first team in most age groups will not only be able to compete for a State Championship, but at a Regional and National level.  We also expect that many of our second and third teams will be stronger than the first teams of neighboring clubs.
  • Sense of community as the premier destination club for players in the area.
  • More consistent training schedules with less changes due to lack of fields.  This will allow parents to more easily plan their schedules ahead of time, and will increased attendance at trainings.


What to expect moving forward.


  • Teams will continue “as is” for the spring season of play.  In addition, some extra playing opportunities will be available for some players.
  • Beginning in March, we will start training players from each club together in order to integrate and assimilate coaches and players to each other, within age groups.
  • Tryouts for the 2020/2021 season will be held in May.  At these tryouts, we will be forming teams based on skill level and ability. We expect to be announcing our coaching staff assignments by the middle of April.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our Directors via email.


Jon Scoles                                 Zach Sullivan
Diablo Valley Wolves               Diablo Valley Wolves
Executive Director                    Director of Coaching     



 Diablo FC and Heritage SC Board Members